Where are my favorite TV shows when I need them?

19 Sep

PlatinJaneIsSane - The Wonder Years DVD Box Set

I wish I had The Wonder Years DVD box set! Sadly with a quick Google search I have now learned that this will most likely never be released due to “music licensing” issues (wiki). SERIOUSLY?!?!? I hope they come to some amicable agreement where all parties are satisfied, because this is such a great piece of 80’s and 90’s pop culture and we all need a little Kevin Arnold in our life not to mention the AWESOME soundtrack the show had… ooh and remember when Kevin Arnold was into Winnie Cooper for the longest time, but yet she always shot him down and acted STANK? I’d give almost give my left arm for a box set of The Wonder Years. Oh well, I guess I’m gonna have to buy one of these bootleg ones off of ebay…and hope for the best.

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