How I created a headboard for under $25

24 Feb

How I created a headboard for under $25 After years of hating my bed but being too cheap to spend money on a new bed I decided I would create my own headboard to add some style to my boring bed. So I hauled over to one of my favorite stores… IKEA (of course) and looked for some inspiration. While I had come up with a few ideas after browsing the showrooms, my main goal was to keep it as mobile and affordable as possible since I still live in an apartment. While I had almost given up on making this project in under $100, I quickly checked the clearance section and BINGO, the possibilities were endless. I saw all sorts of boards that would work just perfect but the pricing was still a bit out of my range. Then I stumbled across a 3 paned glass door with a chocolate brown frame, perfect and it matched my MALM dressers I already own. I looked at the price, $14 for 2 glass doors! On my way out a guy offered to buy the doors from me once he found out the price, I kindly declined. Anyway, a few weeks later I stumbled across 3 yards of the perfect rich velvet-like chocolate brown fabric on clearance at the fabric store for $6. I bought a few buttons for the “faux” tufting look I was going for, a bag of batting for $5 and a set of 4 “L” brackets for about $3 at Lowes. The project took about 5 hours for me to complete, however I was literally winging it so I’m sure it can be done in much less time if one has a well thought out plan.

Here is the 1st part of the project:

Here is the 2nd part of the project:


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