LA – Cars = Bliss

9 Nov

Cal Trans needs to finish the 405 Sepulveda Pass project not now… but RIGHT NOW! I’m not sure what has happened to LA but its almost like 10 trillion people (Note: this number may be a slight exaggeration) have moved here in the last year which has nearly DOUBLED my commute to work so I now get to enjoy 1.5hrs of traffic (each way) every single day of the week :) While surfing the good ‘ol internet, I caught a glimpse of this awesome video entitled “Running on Empty” by Ross Ching which shows LA without traffic.. pretty amazing. I’m sure if I ever saw this day it would mean I’d been left behind after the “Rapture” for all of the cussing I now do while fighting LA traffic… SMH.


Goodbye white picket fence

10 Oct

Modern Fence

Who says fences have to be ugly? Growing up where I grew up (in the Inland Empire) for the longest time I thought there were only 3 types of fences: white picket fences, tall vertical wood fences (a la Wilson from the show Home Improvement) or terrible chain-link fences, so basically if you had a fence your house was ugly imo. In Orange County fences didn’t exist for the most part because a good majority of the homes are recent construction and have Homeowner Associations that don’t allow any thing against the grain. So being in LA I’ve seen so many awesome modern fences that have taken the definition of a fence to a whole ‘nother level.

Am I the last one to the pretty fence party?

Modern Fence

Self Portrait

9 Oct


A self portrait…

Post & Beam

8 Oct

Post & Beam

It’s a Wonder

8 Oct

The Wonder Years

Just when I thought I’d never get to see Kevin Arnold, Winnie Cooper, Kevin’s nerdy friend and meat head older brother, somehow…someway all 6 seasons of The Wonder Years are now available on Netflix Streaming!!! Almost like an answered prayer :)

Let the marathon begin…Peace!

The world as I see it…

2 Oct


Grasshopper in windowsill

I saw this in the windowsill while I was out…as much as I hate insects and bugs, I have to admit this brought a smile to my face.

Lofty Ideas

2 Oct

Los Angeles Downtown Loft

I finally got around to visiting the lofts in Downtown LA. At first thought, an artist loft is the answer to some of the annoying run ins we’ve had with renting apartments since artists/musicians/creatives all live there right? Well apparently artist lofts are open to all creatives EXCEPT musicians… Seriously?! Why are musicians the most under appreciated out of the creatives? Everyone has at least one song that can take us from 0 to 60 at any given moment, yet no one wants to embrace the music making process. There was one  building in particular that specifically named musicians as being unwelcome. In the end I felt like these were just fake “NY style” knock-off  apartments that all of the  yuppies and hipsters of LA have gravitated to, the original industrial essence and “rawness” definitely faded long ago.

Anyway, for the most part the lofts were decent sized and well lit but with no music and no parking ::nono:: these are definitely a nogo.

This is a photo of the loft that had the best layout and vibe, its surprisingly very “homely” with all of the typical loft features: skylights, open floor plan, large windows, beamed ceilings and unfinished floors.

How to Plan a Baby Shower on a Budget

19 Sep

Last month I had the pleasure of planning and hosting a baby shower for my big sister (wait… are adults allowed to still call their siblings “little” and “big? -you know what I mean), while on one had I was happy to be able to help out and “design” something, but on the other I was bummed that I let myself get dragged into yet another disaster waiting to happen family functions. If any of you know me you know that I absolutely hate planning and attending parties, I prefer more intimate settings.  So my first thought was where do I start!??! Remember this is “Mrs. I don’t do parties” and so I’m not exactly sure about how this is supposed to go down. Of course I hopped on Google first thing and typed “How to plan a baby shower” and was immediately overwhelmed with all of the results, I felt like all of the ideas were “overly designed” because lets be real this is only a 3 hour party… at max! So no need to spend tons of money. So in light of my “greenness” in party planning I’ve outlined some of the budget-friendly resources I looked to when planning my first baby shower.

Oriental Trading– They pretty much have everything at this online store, from invitations to table cloths, you name it. They have a few a la carte invitation sets available, a few of them were super unique (baby bottles as invitations) but they are most strong in their decoration and favor department. If you need to coordinate with very specific colors or ethnic groups (check out the little black babies :) ), then this is your place. They have a ton of good pre-printed baby shower games for purchase too.

I Didn’t end up purchasing from this site, but I’ve heard great things about them.

Party City– They have a huge assortment of invitations at pretty decent prices, however you will find these to be pretty standard designs, if you are looking for unique you may want to bypass. I saved them as my “last resort” if I couldn’t find what I needed online, since I could easily go into one of their retail locations for any last minute items.

We ended up buying:


Last minute wall decorations

Favor Candy

Baby Shower confetti

Dollar Tree– Do not sleep on this one. I think this is one of the best dollar stores I’ve been in, yes even over 99 cent only. Here’s why, Dollar tree actually has a huge party planning section with every theme from baby showers to Luaus. They also have a good assortment of a little bit of everything; invitations, tableware (awesome buy for $1/each), favors, centerpieces and even games. While nothing is very unique, who cares when even everything is only $1?! This is where we ended up buying most of our supplies from.

We ended up buying:

10 ct. Invitations (3)

48 ct. Tableware (4)

Tablecloths (6)

Servingware (cake cutter, serving platters, etc)

18 ct. Plates (themed and unthemed as backup) (3)

24 ct.Dessert Plates (unthemed) (2)

12 ct. Cups (themed and unthemed as backup) (3)

20 ct. Napkins (themed) (3)

Curling ribbon (for the balloons and a game)

2 Mini Whiteboards (for a game)

4 Baby bottles (for a game)

2 ct. Streamers

3 Balloon weights– Of course you can get a lot of your items here, however I only purchased mini translucent favor boxes for $15 for 30 boxes to fit candy (similar to these).

We ended up buying:

10 ct. Translucent favor boxes (3)

99 Cent (why is there no cent sign on the keyboard?) Only Stores- I was disappointed here. I thought for sure they would be able to match DollarTree’s inventory, but nope, at my local store they only carried a huge selection of wedding supplies and themed children party supplies. I ended up finding 2 sets of silver gift boxes to put the game prizes in, each pack had 2 boxes so I purchased 2 of them. Also, no online ordering.

Babyshower101– I used this site to research general etiquette and  for game ideas, as they have over 200 game ideas. I ended up using 4, this was including 1 game as backup if I needed to stall time. This site is great for a newbie like me.

That’s it, I kept it ultra simple and tried to stick to the base colors to be sure not to overwhelm the room with too many different themes (since I bought everything at different stores). Below is a photo of how things looked after we put everything together. I opted for a U shape with the tables to allow the group to interact with each other better, I think it helped. Another thing to note is that I planned for a rather large baby shower, 30 people, so of course if your shower is smaller you wont have to purchase as much.

Here’s what everything looked like… again, one time event, 3 hrs. why spend a ton?

Baby Shower


Where are my favorite TV shows when I need them?

19 Sep

PlatinJaneIsSane - The Wonder Years DVD Box Set

I wish I had The Wonder Years DVD box set! Sadly with a quick Google search I have now learned that this will most likely never be released due to “music licensing” issues (wiki). SERIOUSLY?!?!? I hope they come to some amicable agreement where all parties are satisfied, because this is such a great piece of 80’s and 90’s pop culture and we all need a little Kevin Arnold in our life not to mention the AWESOME soundtrack the show had… ooh and remember when Kevin Arnold was into Winnie Cooper for the longest time, but yet she always shot him down and acted STANK? I’d give almost give my left arm for a box set of The Wonder Years. Oh well, I guess I’m gonna have to buy one of these bootleg ones off of ebay…and hope for the best.

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An Eichler = A Dream Home

19 Sep

I swear I had a past life in the 1960’s, look at this SEXY GORGEOUS piece of art that someone calls home! Its an Orange County home built in 1964 by renowned developer Joseph Eichler and its for sale for only $725k.

...and of course an Eames lounge chair to put a cherry on the top!

Its oozing curb appeal!

Ok… back to apartment life :)